The Best SaaS Video Marketing Guide To Improve SaaS Sales

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SaaS Video Marketing Guide
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    Content is no doubt the backbone of all marketing strategies and online video content is the king of marketing content when it comes to content marketing.


    But with the rise of centralized web server infrastructure (Cloud), the world is now a global community in your palms with SaaS, Web Apps, and Social Media platforms.


    This gave rise to the challenge of competing on a global level with both existing and new players in the industry.


    Both retaining new customers and building new relationships are now more challenging than ever.


    So without a doubt, having a strong video marketing strategy is now more crucial than ever.


    Research shows 87% of Content Marketing Experts now prefer Video Content to enhance their marketing insights and more than 80% of them are getting successful results.


    This gave huge opportunities for both Video Production Agencies and SaaS businesses to collaborate. But how should one decide whether or not to incorporate videos in marketing your SaaS business?


    The answer isn’t really simple so let’s understand everything you need to know one by one starting with what is SaaS Video.

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      What is SaaS Video?

      what is saas video ?

      A SaaS video is an explainer video dedicated to demonstrating the features of your SaaS with a guided walkthrough of your product.


      These videos are meant to explain the details of your product to the user and train them to use it efficiently.


      SaaS videos are mostly filled with educational content and are created with the intention of teaching the target prospects and industry experts about how to use the product but they are so much more than just that.


      A SaaS Explainer video can be used to visualize the product as a part of the consumer’s daily life when it comes to growth possibilities.


      If you’re not sure how to do it, Check Out SaaS Explainer Video Examples That Worked Wonderfully.


      When it comes to marketing your SaaS Product, Choosing the right video type is as important as adding Masala Mix to Instant Ramen.


      But if you are a beginner and not sure how to decide, Worry Not…We Got You Covered.

      Types of SaaS Explainer Videos

      In the past decade, with the scalability of the cloud and the rise of IT-based industrialization, The internet has seen an exponential rise in Online Marketplaces, Cloud Infrastructures, and Internet Advertising.


      All these growth factors paved the path for SaaS industries to shine and offer tons of useful business and personal solutions on the internet without high-end, resource-consuming software.


      The cloud infrastructure providers are now tech giants offering cloud infrastructures to both access and deploy SaaS, but the major challenge for all these service providers was to train users on how to access their applications on such a grand infrastructure and build their trust in the security of the brand.

      Both issues were resolved by SaaS Guided Explainer Video. These videos don’t only guide internet users through the user interface but also serve as a partner in your marketing efforts.


      Let us dive into 6 major video types and how they can help you boost your marketing game

      SaaS Product Demo

      saas product demo vector

      Best way to create a guided walkthrough of your entire software interface and teach your audience how to use your product.

      The main purpose of a SaaS Product Demo Video is to guide the consumer through the entire user interface of your product.


      They help companies to teach users to use the product and act like a marketing tool by adding information related to how the product solves the everyday crises of potential customers.

      SaaS Ad Promos

      saas ad promo vector

      A creative way to create a value proposition and brand identity for your product by placing it in the Audience’s lives.

      SaaS Ad Promos are usually short videos(15-30 seconds) where the target goal is to increase brand awareness and hook your audience to your product by showing them how your SaaS product is a part of their growth.


      These videos are a great choice for your social media page and can be used to generate high-quality leads and are usually deployed at the beginning of a sales funnel.

      How-to-use SaaS Videos

      how to use saas videos vector

      The purpose is to teach the audience every aspect of how to use your product and generate more traffic.

      How-to-Use Videos or commonly How-to videos are used to guide the audience through the entire product or service step by step in detail.


      The ultimate target of a how-to video is to increase SaaS Sales but the primary objective of these videos is to help your audience understand the customer journey of the product and visualize your product as an ultimate growth tool.

      Pro Fact


      Having a well-scripted narration with engaging graphics can help you achieve your marketing goals 83% faster. 

      SaaS Whiteboard Animation

      whiteboard videos

      Whiteboard Animation can be used to guide your user through your product as well as help them visualize its needs

      A SaaS Whiteboard explainer video is a great example of how to use simple static images and a guided walkthrough to introduce your product, Save time and increase sales.


      This video animation style features the viewer with static images being drawn on a white screen with a voice-over walk-through of the admin or buyer’s journey being told with the images and transitions.


      This is one of the best choices for a SaaS Company looking for a video format that can save money but can still create success stories for the company.

      SaaS Customer Stories

      customer stories illustrations

      It helps the target audience relate to your product with stories from their competitors or similar Users of your SaaS business.

      SaaS customer stories are customer testimonial videos targeted to inspire similar prospects to use your SaaS product.


      These are social proof that your product or service has worked well for similar audiences’ pain points and might work for their SaaS brand as well.

      SaaS Case Studies

      saas case study vector

      Best way for SaaS businesses to create a brand reputation by Sharing the video testimonials of consumers in various industries

      SaaS Case Studies are mostly a combination of customer testimonials, expert interviews, and customer success stories to build the trust of your audience in your Product.


      They are a great choice to add to your landing page as they can help boost your SEO ranking and shows customer loyalty to your brand.


      These are the 6 major video content types that can help you build a value proposition and retain customers for your SaaS Company.


      Let’s understand the need for SaaS Product Videos for your business.

      Team MotionGility Conduct a Survey for SaaS Industry Experts, Want to know the results?
      Check out:
      B2B SaaS Video Marketing Survey

      Why do you need a SaaS Product Video?

      In the late 90s with the expansion of the Internet and the rise of Online Marketplaces, Search Engines, and A graphics-based web era, technology changed drastically giving rise to a new era of innovation.


      With billions of products, both physical and software, available on the internet, choosing the right product is now more of a challenge than a facility.


      But as marketers or product owners, this gave rise to the problem of choosing the right target audience and explaining the complex concepts of your SaaS Software in an extremely engaging manner.


      The Target Audience must be made aware of all the benefits of using your product.


      Animated SaaS videos can be used not only to Engage Your Audience during long walkthroughs but they have also proven themselves to be helpful in explaining long content in a short amount of time.


      There’re a billion reasons why SaaS Companies should include Animated Explainer Videos in marketing plans but here’re the top Eight on top of our list:

      • Helps You Guide Your User Through The Product Interface
      • Adds Value To Your Marketing Content
      • A SaaS Video Makes Vision Comprehension Easy And Relatable
      • Helps In Breaking Communication Barriers
      • Help You Engage More Audience And Rise Above The Competition
      • Assist Your Audience In Visualizing Your Product As A Need
      • They Are A Creative Way Of Teaching People About Your Product
      • Can Be Repurposed Easily Based On The Platform And Audience You’re Targeting

      The need for Video Content Marketing for SaaS Businesses is never ending but how would you decide if the video you prepared is Good for Marketing or Business Insights?


      Let’s understand what makes your video stand out from the crowd and build revenue.

      What makes a good SaaS Marketing Video?

      With the world becoming a global economy on the tip of our finger SaaS is getting popular and so is video content to market a SaaS product.


      There are tons of Template based software, freelance service providers, and marketing agencies available on the internet competing against each other but how do you decide the work done by your chosen option is good?


      To understand what makes a good SaaS marketing video you must understand these key terms


      Typography: – Refers to Text and Motion Graphic Animations in the Video.


      Character Elements: – Make sure your characters resonate with the audience you’re targeting.


      Customer or Buyer’s Journey: – This refers to the entire walkthrough of the Application’s User Interface.


      Audience’s Pain Points: – Make sure your video defines a clear problem statement and generates the need for the product amongst the audience.


      Minimalistic Transitions: – The number of transitions in the video must not compromise the visibility of Text and Images.


      Customer Retention: – The video must be engaging enough to retain the viewer throughout the entire video.


      Keeping these terms in mind, let’s understand the production issues you need to understand and Take Care of while deciding whether or not a SaaS Marketing Video is Good

      What are the best channel to distribute SaaS Videos ?

      Animated SaaS Videos are easy to repurpose and can be used to fulfill both Marketing and Engagement needs.


      The choice of the best channel for distributing your SaaS explainer videos is the one that caters to the needs of your target goals.

      These videos can easily be repurposed and used to target audiences on both owned and external channels.

      Here are the top places you can use SaaS Animated Videos to enhance your SaaS Video Marketing Game:

      1. Landing Pages
      2. SaaS Software Kits
      3. Paid Ads Channels
      4. Social Media
      5. Investment Pitches
      Want to create an explainer video for your SaaS Product or services to acquire new customer?


      With this, the only major challenge left for the companies is to research target prospects and markets to sell services or software. Video Marketing is one of the challenging yet rewarding forms of marketing type.


      With the right content and consistent approach toward the right combination of owned and paid channel distribution, all SaaS Companies can achieve a great ROI with a good SaaS Video Marketing Plan.


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