5 Best Advertising Video Creation Ideas for Top Marketing Results

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advertising video creation ideas
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    Quite honestly, the advertising industry is both amusing and complicated at the same time.


    You ask why? Well since videos have become the dominant force on the internet, brands are going crazy over integrating them into their marketing campaigns.


    But a ton of them often seem to struggle with failing to understand the  best type of video that infuses creativity in their customer outreach efforts.


    This is where the search for effective advertising video creation ideas begin, thus exposing them to various types of ad videos available.


    So to help marketers and creative strategists improve their ad metrics, I’ve compiled the list of the best video ideas brands can execute for generating results.


    Since these videos are a crucial tool for modern-day startups who are finding it tough to get their word out, they can prove instrumental in enhancing their brand communication.


    Let me run you through different video ideas for your ad campaign’s success:

    Need help understanding why creating good advertising videos is necessary for your product's market growth?

    Advertising Video Creation ideas for better results

    The role of advertising videos in today’s marketing scenario cannot be understated. 


    It’s no surprise that viewers tend to respond to visual content compared to text much better as it makes them talk about the product.


    And it’s quite simple – They provide the unfair advantage to brands in terms of ticking off their marketing and sales goals.


    This way, they have undisputedly become a critical asset in any advertiser or marketer’s toolkit for brand success.


    Explore a few yet super impactful video creation ideas below mentioned alongside relevant video examples:

    1. Animated Explainers for product comprehension

    Nothings works better than animated explainer videos when it comes to demonstrating a product’s usage.


    You ask me why? Well, the answer lies in their appealing way of helping brands demonstrate their product without much hassle.


    Marketers love it and so does their brand’s audience.


    What’s special is that these animated videos are known to leverage the power of rich illustrations, cool infographics, animated character like elements to help viewers comprehend the product.


    Hence, they have become marketer’s top favorite when it comes to simplifying complex topics into easy-to-digest pieces of information.


    Below is a similar-sounding marketing explainer video for better reference:

    Portfolio+ | Animated FinTech/Solutions Explainer

    Target Audience: Senior Citizens

    Video Type: Marketing/Platform Awareness Explainer

    Industry: Financial Services/FinTech

    What is Slack?

    Target Audience: Business Enterprises/MSMEs

    Video Type: Marketing/Product Awareness Explainer

    Industry: SaaS

    2. Demo Videos for improved awareness

    Today if you ask a SaaS product or a FinTech platform’s owner as to what would they prefer to explain their product? 


    Almost 87% of them say they would look forward to invest in an Animated Explainer Video/Animated Product Demo Video.


    It’s all about how such videos are produced in a way where they are focused on only one goal: Quick explanation of what the product is all about [features, benefits, and everything].


    Given that over 86% of audience prefer checking out a brand’s product video as a part of their research before making a buying decision, these videos hold great importance.


    Another reason why demo videos possess that extra edge over traditional and boring product manuals is the quick communication which they provide to the viewers.


    As a result, this helps brands in influencing the decision-making of buyers, thus improving chances of conversions.


    Here’s an animated product demo video you must check out to get a feel:

    How Pipe Works? | Animated Product Demo Video

    Target Audience: Vendors

    Video Type: Product Demo

    Industry: Pisciculture

    Shrimp Snap: Animated Product Demo Explainer

    Target Audience: Vendors

    Video Type: Product Demo

    Industry: Pisciculture

    3. Animated Commercials for boosting sales

    Commercials are the heart of digital content as they are a key player in any brand’s digital advertising strategies.


    These videos are short, crisp, and action-provoking thus making them an all-round package for businesses looking to generate traffic, visibility, and recall in the minds of their target audience.


    Today, brands such as CRED, RazorPay, PayPal, etc., have been using animated commercial videos for advertising their products to their target audience.


    Their quick and engaging appeal allows them to encourage action from their audience thus boosting conversion metrics on a website’s landing page.


    Check out below a quick animated commercial we created for Skrill:

    Skrill: Animated FinTech Commercial Video

    Target Audience: General Audience & Enterprises

    Video Type: Animated Commercial

    Industry: Financial Services/Forex

    CRED: Scan in Style | Animated Commercial

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Animated Commercial

    Industry: Financial Services/FinTech

    4. Testimonial Videos for building credibility

    Testimonial videos work wonders when it comes to building trust in the minds of potential buyers.


    The primary reason is – Such videos contain raw emotions and stories about how different customers used a particular product and found it useful.


    Brands can request their esteemed customers to share their positive experiences through videos that can be further used in marketing funnels.


    As a result, such videos can help brands reach a broader audience with more confidence and expect a boost in conversions and therefore, sales.


    Below is an example of a testimonial video that brands can think of creating one for their product:

    Teamtrics: Client/Customer Testimonial Video

    Target Audience: Enterprises & MNCs

    Video Type: Testimonial

    Video Style: Live+Animated

    Employee Testimonial: United Safety

    Target Audience: General Audience/Job Aspirants

    Video Type: Testimonial

    5. Collaboration Videos for improving brand recall

    You already know how powerful brand collaboration videos are in helping boost brand awareness.


    Partnering with cross-industry brands or even individuals to create collaborative content can actually produce fruitful marketing results.


    Such kinds of collaborations allow each party to leverage the reach and buying potential of its audience by getting to tap in their respective business markets.


    Check out below how Pepsi, Apple, and Bad Bunny came together to create a refreshing and impactful brand collaboration video:

    Pepsi x Bad Bunny x Apple Music | Brand Collab Commercial

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Live Commercial [Multiple Brands]

    Industry: Beverages

    Hulu + Live TV Couchleisure by Ja Morant

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Live Commercial [Multiple Brands]

    Industry: Digital Entertainmemt

    Want to strengthen your brand's hold in the market and boost brand identity using advertising videos?


    Amidst all the clutter, finding effective advertising video creation ideas can be tough.


    With the ideas mentioned above, you can create effective videos for your advertising campaign and generate better marketing results.


    After you’re done creating videos, do not forget to share it with the world by distributing or repurposing the video content on different platforms across the internet.

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