20 Eye-catching Animated Commercial Video Examples

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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Animated commercial video examples

Nowadays, animated commercial videos becomes the quintessential part of marketing. We often watch the clever use of videos not only for marketing purposes but these are effective in multiple fields such as entertainment purposes, informational purposes, etc.


The rising phase of video marketing attracts marketers to capitalize on the opportunities and increase brand visibility by addressing large audience groups. Also, marketers using videos believe videos are effective in driving sales and boosting profitability. 


More than 80% of businesses worldwide use videos to enhance their marketing practices, and 93% of them believe that videos are an effective marketing tool for any business. Also, they increases the video marketing budget by 120% as compared to the previous year. 


As a commercial video production company, we bring compelling animated commercial video examples that reflect how effectively videos capture the audience’s attention. 


Still, for better knowledge, we need to dive deeper and learn everything about animated or cartoon video commercials.

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    What is An Animated Commercial Video?

    commercial ad videos

    Animated commercial videos are short videos created purposefully to fulfill the commercial intent such as increasing sales or brand promotion. These videos mainly use to promote the brand’s products or services over television, social media, and other digital platforms.


    Multiple benefits and increasing demand for commercial videos attract marketers to add video content to your marketing toolbox. 


    Even non-profit businesses also use cartoon commercials to increase the reach of their strategies and activities. 


    Aren’t you wondering how animated commercial videos help businesses to grow? Let’s move to the benefits of animated commercials.

    1. Drive Sales

    The animated videos effectively grab the user’s attention and encourage them to experience the brand’s products and services. Also, research says 87% of users prefer watching the brand’s video before buying a product, and 99% of marketers using video say that videos increase sales.

    2. Increase brand visibility

    Commercial videos effectively address the large audience groups in the broad market area. The animated commercial ads increase the brand value and make the audience familiar with the brand.

    3. Better ROI

    78% of marketers believe that the use of animated ads and cartoon commercial helps in generating better returns. The videos have the power to attract an audience, and their convincing power converts them into the brand’s customers.

    4. Higher Conversions

    Animated video ads fulfill multiple purposes that indicate better organizational conversions. For example, animated ads reflect the increase in the number of views, ensure better engagement, increase the number of subscribers, and enhance traffic that is good enough to convert the audience into customers.

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    Top 20 Animated Commercial Video Examples

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      Music Industry Animated Commercial Video Examples

      1. Anchor by Spotify

      Spotify is a well-known organization in the music industry. The organization uses commercial ads to promote its podcasts. Spotify uses this commercial to attract listeners and engage them to use the podcast services. 


      The video advertisement use motion graphics video style to capture the viewer’s interest. It also includes effective storytelling that engages the viewers.

      2. JIO SAAVN- World Music Week

      The music video commercial by Jio Saavn uses an infographics animation style to promote EDM.


      There is well-researched video content that explains how EDM developed in previous years. It presents the growth of EDM in the music industry and appeals to connect with the Jio Saavn application.


      Animation video content attracts viewers to spend more time watching videos and memorizing the brand for a longer time.

      IT Industry Animated Commercial Video Examples

      3. Samsung

      Samsung is a well-known organization in IT and electronics. The video demonstrates Samsung CXL services using the flowing balls to present the data flows.

      The video uses an infographic animation style that effectively delivers important information, and the moving ball ensures better viewer engagement. Viewers prefer to watch relevant information in the video content and avoid unnecessary lengthy videos.

      4. Acast

      Acast provides a platform that helps to increase your marketing reach using podcast advertising. The cast’s platform provides the last reach and is easily accessible over multiple digital platforms.


      The animated commercial video shows relevant content that helps the viewers to know about the brand’s offerings. The suitable theme and clear voiceover of the video make it captivating.

      5. SuccessCX

      SuccessCX is Zendesk Premier Partner that provides multiple IT solutions that help to grow your business. The organization also provides cost-effective services and best-in-class UI designs.


      The video discloses how the organization directs you to find a path using infographics and proper themes. The video uses a unique theme for better storytelling and effective connections to large audience groups.

      Healthcare Industry Animated commercial video examples

      6. Buchanan

      Buchanan is a perfect example of a motion graphic commercial that explains the complexities of the healthcare industry. With the help of video, enterprises not only explain the procedure but also promote the product. 


      The video properly addresses the procedures to the viewers and allows them to understand the complexities of the healthcare industry. Using motion graphic video style grabs the audience’s attention to watch the videos till the last.

      7. IntelliseqFlow

      Intelliseq’s commercial presents how their services are beneficial in the healthcare industry.  IntelliseqFlow made the DNA analysis simple by using three simple steps, and everyone get the report of the DNA analysis. 


      The commercial begins with a problem related to DNA reports, and IntelliseqFlow presents itself as a solution to the problem. It presents how complex tests and analyses in healthcare are made simple for people and help them to get a report in simple steps.

      8. MyWhiteCoat- Simple Healthcare Booking

      The video commercial presents all the relevant information about the brand’s products and services. MyWhiteCoat uses the motion graphics video style and effectively conveys its message to the target audience.


      The white background and moving texts increase the video’s attractiveness. Also, most organizations avoid the combination of voiceover and music video together but the combination of voiceover and background music in this video effectively increases the video’s potential to capture the user’s attention.

      Food Industry Animated Commercial Video Examples

      9. Food Heals App

      Food Heals video ad presents some facts to authenticate the information they are presenting. The video is a bit informative but proper presentation and targeting pinpoint ensure better engagement.


      Proper information with relevant statistics, a short video, addressing a problem and presenting a solution, proper voiceover, etc. are the essential elements that make the video more capable to attract and engage the audience. 

      10. YOON’s Kitchen

      Animated videos effectively engage the audience without even using voiceover. Also, there are only a few characters in the video still the proper representation of the logo, entry bell, and other relevant factors make the video perfect to catch the audience’s attention.


      Relevant information and systematic presentation allow the makers to left an impression on the viewers. The video is too short but still builds a connection with the audience to get better results.

      Home Improvement Animated Commercial Video Examples

      11. Heylo

      Heylo is an Italian coffee maker brand that presents how its coffee machine works. This animated video commercial presents the benefits of using the machine, and how it delivers according to the set instruction.

      Animated video has a clear voiceover that provides instructions that how the machine works. The infographic animated commercial video presents the technology behind the creation of the coffee machine by Heylo.

      12. Bellbloc Fabric Liner

      This 2D animated commercial video presents the features of the fabric used in the furniture. Bellbloc offers water-resistant products that improve the performance of every piece of furniture. 

      This animated video is short and simple and covers all relevant information about the product. The visually appealing content and eye-catching graphics left an impression on the audience to memorize the brand name for a longer period.

      Product Introduction Animated Commercials

      13. Motion Graphics Animated Video Jarous

      This is a perfect example of a non-profit animated video commercial because Jarous also works to help others and focuses to uplift the community. Jarous provides a platform for the betterment of the community by conducting fundraising campaigns and encouraging social giving.

      The motion graphic video style presents effectively explains how Jarous works for others and helps in goal completion. The use of multiple colors makes the content attractive, and an effective voiceover ensures it gains the viewer’s attention.

      14. AllBerry

      The AllBerry’s 2D animation ad presents its offerings using a similar color matched with the brand’s logo. The relevancy of content represents a higher rate of engagement and ensures a better conversion rate. 


      The video commercial effectively presents the brand’s offerings and its USPs. Proper use of colors seeks the audience’s attention and conveys the organization’s message.

      Automobile Industry Animated Commercial Videos

      15. BOSCH

      The video commercial representing BOSCH is amazing. It’s a next-level creation with exceptional storytelling. Have you ever thought of exceptional storytelling without voiceover? Do you think it’s possible to make videos effective without a proper voiceover?

      Yes, this animated commercial is a perfect example that reflects the effectiveness of animated video content. The attractive visuals represent how BOSCH’s vision to make the future better by effectively connecting people.

      16. Grappone

      Grappone’s outline-based infographic animation video commercial presents the brand with its vision and tries to build an emotional connection with the people. The organization focuses on presenting how they value people, its vision, etc. to create trust among the target audience.


      Animated commercial videos effectively drive sales better than other marketing techniques and maximize your audience reach to address the target audience.

      Mobile App Animated Commercials

      17. TookToDo

      TookToDo provides a unified platform to reduce the communication gap, and proper information allows the application to send timely intimations about the work. 


      The application also provides multiple benefits that help in the smooth working of a specific project and ensure the timely completion of work.


      Targeting multiple businesses and presenting the brand as a solution to certain issues helps the brand to build a connection with the people.  Relevant information and attractive graphics ensure better engagement.

      18. Snarto

      Snarto application offers services that help people to connect with authentic and trusted agencies that assist them in delivering specific things. 


      Snarto provides the flexibility to choose verified delivery agencies and set the time of delivery. Snarto ensures the delivery of goods on the set time and helps people by saving time and money.


      The video ads smoothly provide a solution to real-life issues, and attractive video graphics ensure to capture the user’s attention.

      Banking/Financial Industry Animated Commercial Videos

      19. RemitBee - Money Transfer

      The creativity of this video is at another level. This is an all-in-one package that presents certain categories such as animated explainer video, animated commercial video, and animated instructional video


      This video style represents all categories and effectively delivers relevant information.


      In animated ads, effective storytelling works as a bridge between the audience and the brand. The video has incredible storytelling that connects the audience and encourages them to watch the videos till the last.

      20. Edufi

      Edufi’s 2D animated commercial presents how effective their debit card is for the users. It makes the transfer of money simple and convenient for the audience. The debit card provides an access to withdraw from 529 accounts to make a payment.


      The cool color and relevant content reflect the video’s effectiveness and build engagement with the audience. The short video presents all the important information that a user wants to know and connects them with the brand.

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      Final Thoughts

      Predicting the future is not always possible but it is possible to get certain possible benefits using video commercials for e-commerce and other businesses. 


      Video now become an irreplaceable tool in a business’s marketing toolbox, and businesses also actively implement video content in their marketing strategies for better business growth.

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