Boost E-Commerce Sales Using Animated Commercial Videos To Boost Sales

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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Animated Commercial Videos To Boost Product Sales On E-Commerce Platforms

Have you Ever Used Commercial Videos to Boost Sales? Here we will Understand the Importance of Animated Commercial Videos and how Effectively they Help Businesses to Boost Sales.


Commercial Videos are like a Teaser of any Company’s Products. These Videos do not Explain the Product In Detail but Present the Product as a Part of the Consumer’s Daily Lives and as a Solution to the Needs of Potential Customers. Animated Commercial Videos are Focused on Delivering Information and Introducing the Product to Potential Customers. 


Animated Commercial Videos are a Practice well known and are Highly Preferred by a lot of Enterprises. The Commercial Videos cover a Large Market Share and Enable the Organization to Address Different Target Audiences. 


Are you curious to know why commercial videos are highly preferable by organizations? How do commercial videos help in boosting product sales on e-commerce platforms?


This article will explain the effectiveness of using commercial videos in your marketing practices and the impact of videos using the sales of the business.


Before diving deep, here we understand what characteristics of the videos make them preferable for businesses.

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    Why are commercial videos important for the business?

    Brand awareness helps to boost the organization’s growth by increasing sales, and ensuring a significant increase in the customer group. Among the several ways of promoting the brand within the market, animated commercial videos effectively enhance marketing practices.



    Animated commercial videos attract customers to watch the videos till the end. On social media, animated videos get a million views, and organizations can promote their brand using animated ads.



    Here are some factors are given that reflect the importance of animated commercials and how brands can utilize the videos to promote their brand.


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      Grab viewer's attention

      Animated commercial videos help to advertise the organization’s products or services by ensuring the use of attractive content that attract more customers. The unique characters in the animated ad ensure viewers’ attention towards the organization.


      Animated commercial videos ensure higher customer engagement, which helps to increase traffic to the company website. Animated videos inspire people and deliver the message of the organization.


      Organizations offer their product or service using motion graphics to attract the audience and advertise their product or service in different parts of the world because of the higher customer reach of animated commercial videos.


      Make Product Comprehension Faster

      Short videos are highly preferred by customers these days. Organizations accept these opportunities to capitalize on them to build brand value and increase organization sales.


      Have you ever noticed that the number of views on short videos is much higher than the lengthy videos?


      Advertisements using short videos are easily accessible to users. The organizations use online media channels such as YouTube, Slack, etc. The short videos have different elements that deliver information to the audience with fun and enjoyment.


      Organizations can adopt short videos to enhance their marketing practices. Many companies use animated commercial videos to promote their business to create brand value.


      Persuade Customers To Make A Decision

      The videos engage the audience and deliver the organization’s message. An animated video includes different styles, fonts, characters, etc. These are mainly used on social media and ensure the advertisement of the organizations.


      The commercial videos use the idea to provide an emotional touch using real-life examples because emotional touch impacts the audience’s decision-making. The information delivers in form of a story that enables the audience to easily recognize the brand name.


      Benefits of educating the customers

      • Increase the sales and profitability
      • Ensure brand awareness
      • Improve customer’s trust and loyalty
      • Ensure better customer engagement

      Educating the customers by providing information enables the company to ensure sustainable development, and cartoon characters make the content catchy to engage the audience to watch the full video.

      Repurposed On Multiple E-Commerce Platforms

      The short videos are suitable for different e-commerce platforms because they are easy to upload and easily accessible using different styles. The organization can upload the videos on several platforms and ensure to address a large audience within the global market.


      The videos on e-commerce platforms help to improve the customer’s spending time, and explanations of products or services help in the user’s decision-making.


      73% make the purchase decision after watching the explainer motion graphic videos.

      How can Animated Commercial Videos Boost Sales?

      animated commercial videos vector

      Animated commercials in marketing practices attract large viewer groups. The animated ad engages the customers with the help of suitable style, sound design, and attractive cartoon characters.


      The commercial video inspires the user by using creative content that directs the users to visit the company’s website. Animated commercials ensure better conversion of the visitors into customers.


      Here are Some Reasons Why Commercial Videos Can Be A Great Tool In Boosting Sales Funnel:


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        Address Large Audience

        address large audience

        The easily accessible quality content over the different social and digital platforms ensures customer attraction and engages a large audience group. The marketing of the business using several platforms helps to address the various customer groups across the world.


        Animated commercial addressing a large audience ensures better customer engagement and inspires people to buy the organization’s products. The creative ads on different e-commerce platform help in boosting the business’s sales.


        Addressing a large audience not only helps in boosting the sales of the business but also enables the organization to build brand value. Animated commercial videos generate a million views on different platforms.


        Online Retail Sales will Reach More than 6 Trillion Dollars by 2023 and the Growth of E-Commerce Websites is Increasing by 24% Yearly.

        Improve User's Engagement

        address large audience vector

        An animated commercial video uses catchy content that includes suitable background music or voiceover, proper font style, and attractive character that ensure better user engagement. Enhancing user engagement helps businesses create brand value within the market.


        Organizations can choose a proper motion graphics style to ensure better results for their animated commercial video. The suitable style fulfills the organization’s marketing requirements and helps to generate leads.


        The engaging animated commercial relate the customer’s needs to the products and inspires them to experience the product or service of the organization. Animated video helps in improving user engagement to boost the business’s sales.


        Enhance Brand Awareness

        enhance brand awareness vector

        The animated videos advertise the organization’s product to establish a relationship with different customer groups. The animated commercials make the brand recognizable by presenting the information using video content.


        Using video content on social media and other platforms helps to promote the brands. Also, the different elements of animated videos ensure better organizational results by enhancing marketing practices.


        Brand awareness helps to connect the large customer group within the market. Engaging content also reflects better sales results for the organization.


        Delivers Product Information

        deliver product information vector

        Organizations use animated explainer videos to market business products and deliver relevant information to educate people. The idea of the product impact the decision-making of the people.


        The lack of information creates a gap between the company and target users. Improper communications between the organization and customers reflect the lack of trust of the people in the brand.


        Accurate information impacts the relationship between users and organizations, which helps in improving product sales. Animated videos ensure to attract more people and impact the customer’s decision-making to purchase the products.

        Gives Emotional Touch

        emotional touch videos vector

        Advertising the products using the animation video ensures better customer attraction but organizations have to ensure customer engagement. Many organizations use real-life examples in their commercial video.


        The real-life examples build an emotional connection with the viewers. The story of the animated video includes an idea to inspire the customers. The organization delivers the message to develop fun to connect the large audience of the brands by using different platforms.


        A story that emotionally connects to the audience will impact more because the customers can recognize the brands for a long time and experience the products of the business, which helps to boost the business’s sales.


        The animated video uniquely presents the story and attracts more people within the market. Many companies use these commercial videos to enhance their sales over different platforms such as TV, YouTube, Social media, etc.

        What Makes a Good
        Animated Commercial Video?

        The effectiveness of the animated videos is based on the different features of the videos, which ensure better customer attraction and engage them with the organization. A proper animated video creates fun as well as delivers specific information.

        Here Are The Top Qualities That Make A Good Commercial Video:  


        Short and Specific Content

        The content for online media should be short and specific because people watch short videos 63% more than long videos. The organization uses creative content to deliver specific information in a limited time.

        The short and specific video content ensures the engagement of more people.


        A short commercial is effective and provides better results to the business rather than lengthy videos. Using video clips is a better option for businesses to attract customers through e-commerce platforms.


        Informative and Entertaining Content

        The animated commercial videos provide the details of the products or processes of the organizations. This feature helps to build the knowledge of the customers and make them familiar with the company’s products.


        Entertainingly delivering the information ensures customer engagement and helps to recognize the product or brand for a long time. Educating the customers helps in decision-making and inspires them to buy the organization’s products.


        Attractive Content

        Attractive content ensures better customer engagement. Attractive content refers to proper graphics quality, well-matched voiceover or background music, relevant information about the product or process, etc.

        Attractive content encourages the viewers to visit the website and experience the products of the organization. Attractive content also helps to generate leads and ensure the betterment of the business.

        Are You Looking Forward To Having An Animated Commercial For Your Brand?

        Over To You

        The animated commercial videos boost sales by attracting several customer groups within the organization. It provides the solution to the users by offering its products and ensuring to build relationships with potential customers.


        The video content target several customer groups to ensure an increase in the customer base of the business. Videos are the best marketing tools for e-commerce platforms and enable the organization to target the customers of the global market.


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