Explainer Video: The Perfect Business Growth Option for Startups

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

perfect business growth for startups
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    In this growing digital era, videos have proven themselves to be one of the best tools to leverage or accelerate your business to the best heights.


    Going by the facts, videos are proven to trigger more than 60 percent of the sales in the global market lately, which is why animated explainer videos quickly became the stars, in a lot of marketing plans recently.


    While many businesses have already opted for animated explainer videos, startups still think twice before getting their hands on one. 


    The reason can be either, due to a lack of information or because people still aren’t aware of the dynamics of an animated explainer video.


    As a startup, what are three key challenges that you would face?

    • To Imprint Yourself As A Brand In Consumers’ Brains.
    • To Convince Your Audience To Buy From You
    • Differentiate Yourself From Existing Products.

    Honestly, an explainer video can do this all for you. With that cleared, explainer videos can be a boon for startups and their growth. Here are some reasons to prove the same!



    Though you can always craft insightful blogs about your startup and product/service, the reports show that a 2-minute animated explainer video will garner attention. 


    Once you have an animated explainer video, you can share it on famous web-based platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other related ones.

    Video seals the deal

    Adding a startup explainer video on your site can help keep guests locked in. While guests usually spend around 1.5 minutes on a page without video, with the video they will be engaged better and know more about you.


    This means that inserting an explainer video to your home page can not only enhance your SEO positioning but also offer better clarity of your message to the audience.


    That additional moment and a half are significant. When users watch your video, they not only understand your product or service better but are also more prone to pay to use that service or product.


    Going by the facts, 70% of advertisers state that video gives a preferable transformation rate. Google affirms that what these advertisers accept is valid in the commercial center. 


    A review of YouTube’s skippable video advertisements found that 35% of companies saw a lift in buying statistics after watchers were presented with a solitary promotion, regardless of whether they did or didn’t watch the entire thing.


    Among individuals who viewed at any rate 30 seconds of the promotion, the sale goal expanded in 61% of crusades. 


    In other words, crafting an explainer video should top your needs if you are someone who is looking forward to building a venture.


    Here are the Main Reasons Why:

    Explainer video connects you better with the audience

    More often than not, we consider explainer videos as far as how they assist you with passing on data.


    A great many people don’t contemplate how explainer videos can assist new businesses with gathering data, yet by following video measurements, you can become familiar with a ton of the individuals who are keen on your startup.


    Platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and video-facilitating locales like Wistia, share client information to assist you with becoming more acquainted with your clients and help financial specialists make better decisions with potential leads.


    This is significant to a startup for two reasons-

    When you’re making sense of who your clients are and are understanding the idea of their persona, this data can assist you with making products or services targeted to what is important to them.


    As a startup, when you are yet to make sense of what your identity is, Video measurements can assist you in testing thoughts and knowing whether or not you’re going the correct way. 

    Explainer video narrates your story

    Every grand enterprise or successful business started its journey with a single step into a journey of struggles and innovations thriving consistently to reach the position they are in at present. 


    Their Journey becomes an inspiration for millions and yet a billion are waiting for that one story they can relate to and get inspired by. Share your startup’s origin story with them using an explainer video and not only become an inspiration to many but also generate the trust of your audience in your product with a relatable story.


    Being relatable is the most effective way of winning over prospects, you can win with whiteboard videos by sharing your roots, things you’re passionate about at your work, and so on

    Looking Forward To Creating An
    Explainer Video For Your Startup?

    An Explainer Video Is The Best Growth Option For Startups

    Innumerable businesses have already utilized explainer videos to rocket their progress. Well-created explainer videos have jump-started their new companies out of lack of clarity.


    Numerous studies show that more than 85% of viewers tend to be more inclined towards a product after watching an explainer video, than just reading a blog post.


    Startup explainer videos illuminate your business, product, service, and story in a way that no form of content does. As a startup, it is really important to understand that and go for it.


    Also, you get some brownie points for being so creative in a world full of presentations and boring posts!

    Over To You!

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