Why Explainer Videos For Healthcare and Tech Are The Best Marketing Tools?

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explainer videos for healthcare and tech
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    In the aftermath of the Covid tragedy, the healthcare & technology industries underwent a massive change.


    From accessing critical information via internet-based sources to trusting healthcare & IT professionals online, consumers have come a long way.


    Today’s users look up to social platforms for their primary research before making a purchase decision.


    When we talk about the massive discoverability provided by social media, both industries gain an exciting opportunity to get across in the eyes of their target customers.


    Without a doubt, you already know how strongly videos dominate the content format battle across the globe. 


    Explainer video have effectively become the go-to choice by healthcare and tech marketers for promoting and raising brand awareness around their products.


    But how? And what are those factors that have helped animated videos earn the coveted title of the ‘best marketing instrument’ for brands worldwide?


    Let’s understand them below:

    The role of Explainer Videos in boosting the growth of Health & Tech Companies

    Videos are an effective way to communicate complex terminologies in simple words that usually exist in the healthcare & technology space.


    Not only that, animation videos can explain such complex concepts within just 60 to 90 seconds.


    Apart from using videos for product launches or brand awareness goals, such industries can also leverage these videos to train their employees.


    For marketers worldwide, animation videos are a launchpad for their brand’s success. 


    Considering the healthcare industry, there are a ton of sub-categories in which the industry operates such as hospitals, insurance, electronic devices, life equipment, medical education, etc. 


    To cater to the target audience of each segment isn’t a cakewalk at least when it comes to branding your company and capturing a place in their minds.


    The same is the case with the technology domain. For tech marketers, the biggest headache they face is explaining their complex products in an easy to comprehend manner.


    And this leads to failed marketing campaigns and an insignificant number of user signups on their websites.


    To tackle this, 78% of global marketers plan to invest their time & money into video marketing in 2023. 


    It speaks volumes about how brands can enhance their marketing and communication strategies with the help of videos.


    Alright. What next you should know is how beneficial explainer videos can be in boosting your healthcare & tech brand’s growth.

    4 Benefits of using Explainer Videos for Healthcare & Tech Products

    1) Helps Simplify Product Comprehension

    helps simplify product comprehension

    One of the biggest goals brands seek to achieve through videos is the goal of product understanding in their target users.


    Now, why is this a crucial task important for brands? Because if they fail to communicate what their product is all about, they are unlikely to fetch any results.


    When you look into healthcare & tech products, they are naturally complex. With the help of explainer videos, making users understand how the product functions and its key benefits become easy.


    On top of that, animated videos provide a guided walkthrough of the entire product within 90 seconds. That’s it.

    2) Enhances Communication With Target Users:

    enhances communication with target users

    Explainer videos help in delivering your key messages to users quickly and engagingly. 


    In the case of software companies selling their products, they come with complex terms that users might fail to interpret. 


    Imagine your communication failing at the awareness/discovery stage of the sales funnel. What could be worse than that?


    To avoid such scenarios, videos can become your digital representative and provide minute details about your device or product quickly

    3) Positions Your Brand Ahead Of Competitors:

    why explainer videos for healthcare and tech are the best marketing tools?

    Animated explainer videos help you attain revenue and customer goals and strengthen your brand’s position in the market.


    However, brand positioning can be achieved after awareness around it is strongly created. How do you do that?


    By staying true to your brand and addressing user pain points in a subtle yet confident manner.


    In a complex industry like healthcare, where trust is the biggest playmaker, showcasing your product as the best in the market will help you gain an edge over your competitors.


    Animated videos carry the power to take your brand to the next level by raising awareness, boosting signups, and capturing a spot in the minds of users. 


    Great videos are produced keeping in mind a specific set of target audiences. It directly allows them to cater to those users who might try out the product. 


    Such targeting helps businesses in sealing the spot of the “market leader.”

    4) Engages Users Long Enough Into Making A Buying Decision:

    engages users long enough into making a buying decision

    As per recent research, videos shorter than 90 seconds enjoy a staggering 50% retention rate. 


    Despite their short length, explainer videos are excellent for engaging users on landing pages. Engaging simply means giving them a strong reason as to why they should stay on your page. 


    It tells how long your explainer video’s length should be. We live in an era of short human attention spans. 


    To grab the users’ attention in one shot and engage them, animated videos are the best marketing instrument you need for your product. 


    Videos for healthcare professionals are produced keeping in mind the kind of audience they extend their services to. 


    Animated videos possess the capability to evoke emotions and captivate people. 


    Since medical services seem complex and intimidating sometimes to understand, explainer videos can help hospitals in engaging users digitally.

    Best examples of Explainer Videos for Healthcare & Tech Businesses

    You might have come across a variety of explainer video examples for your healthcare or technology product. 


    However, it’s important to understand the most ideal type that promises your product – increased revenues, brand awareness, and customer retention.


    Here’s an excellent example of explainer videos:

    1) For Healthcare Industry: Pivotal Group

    Pivotal Group’s video is about how businesses in the healthcare industry of the United States make massive profits by charging people exorbitant prices. 


    Also, the video raises a strong concern about middlemen who are being at the forefront of deceiving people and increasing their profit margins.


    Viewers are treated with an energetic voiceover around a compelling plot that focuses on how the Pivotal Group addresses the profit-margin issue with its world-class products. 


    With the help of engaging graphics and smooth animation, the company also showcases how they reduce the cost of production and services across the US.


    In a short time frame, the animated video effectively positions Pivotal as the ultimate solution for businesses across the United States.

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    2) For Technology Industry: AssetMark

    AssetMark’s video focuses on educating financial advisors regarding how their platform makes it easier for them to take tailored decisions for their clients.


    Through this short & crisp SaaS explainer video, the company presents its vision revolving around helping advisors cater to their client’s investments more efficiently with the use of technology and data management.


    With the help of detailed and appealing infographics and smooth frame transitions, the video helps AssetMark’s target viewers in getting a thorough understanding of their product. 


    Moreover, a comforting yet confident background voiceover instills trust in the minds of viewers and effectively presents the entire platform in a matter of a few seconds.


    Many types of animation video styles can be utilized for promoting healthcare or technology products. 


    What’s better is that animation videos have multiple use cases, making them the go-to marketing tool for B2B marketers worldwide.


    From the customer behavior and psychology point of view, these videos can be integrated into landing pages, email marketing campaigns, and numerous other places.

    Need Help In Understanding How Animated Videos Can Help You Attain Your Marketing Goals?

    Final Thoughts

    Gone are the days when marketers and startup owners used to sustain their businesses with traditional marketing tools in the likes of PPTs, documents, etc.


    On the contrary, thousands of global brands such as Dropbox, Nissan, ICICI, etc., have used explainer videos to achieve customer and marketing goals in today’s market.


    As an experienced explainer video company, we can help you boost your marketing efforts by creating a result-oriented animated video that suits your requirements.


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