5 Reasons Why Modern Brands Are Producing Corporate Videos

5 Reasons Why Modern Brands Are Producing Corporate Videos

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Producing Corporate Videos

We live in a fast-paced world surrounded by thousands of product and brand advertising campaigns.


And to cut through the clutter, both are produced with a different agenda considering the action that a brand wants to produce from their target audience.


However, with growing competition, brands are slowly trying to soak in the need for producing corporate videos to strengthen their brand’s identity. 


Since every brand has a unique story of its own, they have begun to believe that corporate videos are an effective instrument for communicating it. 


Examples include: Starbucks, Nike, Spotify, etc. But apart from using such videos for spreading the word about their stories, they’re also using them for marketing their product, boosting brand & customer loyalty, etc.


Take a look below:

Need help understanding how corporate videos play a hero role in helping brands communicate their story?

Key Reasons for Producing Corporate Videos with Modern Brands

The power of animated videos can be more realized from the fact that today’s marketers believe integrating corporate videos in digital campaigns can fetch qualified leads by up to 66%.


You might ask – What’s the real agenda behind brands brands driving toward corporate video production?


Well, nothing better than an appealing video that acts as your brand’s official 24/7 digital spokesperson…


Anyway, here are the 5 reasons:

1. Reinforces Brand Awareness

A strong customer base is built on multiple factors such as brand loyalty and how much they’re aware of your products and organization as a whole.


It’s all about the identity in the minds of your target audience and at what level their user experience stands. 


To enforce and reinforce this emotion, top brands such as HDFC, SAP, Microsoft, ITC, etc., have resorted to getting corporate videos produced to amplify their brand story.


More importantly, animated videos help top brands associate and stick their vision and story in the target audiences’ minds forever.


Here’s how HDFC & RBL Bank made use of a corporate video to reinforce brand awareness:

2. Strengthens Customer Trust

Producing corporate videos is not only about getting videos created about a brand story or a product’s journey.


Sometimes, they’re also used as an instrument to strengthen customer’s trust through testimonial videos


Since these videos feature real customers/clients speaking about their experiences about their user journey with the brand or product, it instills a sense of belief and humanizes the brand.


Here’s how Zoom used a testimonial video in a corporate tone with the review they received from Hubspot:

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3. Demonstrates Brand Expertise

In this competitive market, brand managers can leverage corporate videos and establish credibility by promoting themselves as market leaders.


This is because – Through videos, a brand can showcase its industry expertise and how they’re offering efficient and results-driven services or products to the target market.


Now doing so would establish them as a thought leader in their domain and by being vocal, brands can position themselves as an experienced and industry-approved service provider.


Through brand storytelling, brands can grab and retain their customers’ attention and craft an image of a leader in the competitive market.


Check out how Starbucks did the same:

4. Boosts Global Reach

As per a report published by Hubspot, around 39% of responders said they expect brands to publish more video content.


To cater to their expectations, brands can use corporate video services and integrate the videos into their digital marketing campaigns, thus reaching a global set of audience.


People love watching stories and corporate videos are an excellent way to capitalize on the audiences’ digital behavior and establish a firm place in their brand choices.


If you look around, you will find dozens of examples where brands managed to reach millions across the globe [both existing & potential customers] just using one video.


Take a look at how Samsung garnered 2.3 million views on YouTube with a single video:

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5. Unlocks SEO Benefits

Embedding videos on your website can result in positive implications in terms of increased session durations and an opportunity to drive conversions. 


Visual content is preferred by search engines and should be integrated into a brand’s About Us or Home Page to drive organic traffic, maximum views, and engagement.


Leading which if the visitors view the video on the website, it would boost signals to the search engines, ultimately resulting in an improvement of the website’s rankings on the results page.


As a result, producing corporate videos can actually provide benefits in terms of SEO by also helping expand the reach and visibility of the website through both website and social media profiles.

Want to strengthen brand loyalty in the minds of target audience using animated corporate videos?


All in all, if you’re struggling to establish your brand in a crowded marketplace, getting an impactful and appealing corporate video produced might be a great idea.


Given the strong support a single video can offer to brands, they can be crisply integrated into any marketing or PR campaigns for long-term benefits.


As an experienced corporate video production company, we can help you create results-driven corporate videos.


If you’re a brand marketer or an entrepreneur looking forward to strengthening your brand’s corporate identity with a corporate video, get in touch with our video marketing expert today for a free 15-minute strategy call.

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