7 Animation Trends You Must Know In 2024 [With Examples]

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Animation trends in 2024
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    2024 is proving to be an interesting year for the animation industry, with new animation trends popping up and a few past ones making a comeback. 


    Thanks to technological advancements such as virtual reality integration, storytelling techniques, etc., we’re probably in for a year where animation boundaries will be pushed.


    And with AI being integrated into a couple of animation and visual design tools, the scale at which visual content can be created continues to breach new heights.


    These shifts are making animation more efficient, reachable, and outcome-based. 


    I’ve shared below a few trends I believe will dominate alongside examples to help you explore them better.

    7 Animation Trends to keep an eye on in 2024

    Explore a bunch of both new and existing trends from the list below and check out which trend you can execute in your next animated video:

    1. Isometric Design

    Isometric design or 2.5D animation adds depth to animation while keeping things sleek and modern through visual elements. 


    This striking visual style is both timeless and fashionable, making it a great choice for the contemporary digital era.

    Since it’s a blend of both 2D and 3D animation, this style is most suited for demonstrating products, data, infographics, etc. in animated blockchain & SaaS videos.

    2. AI-Powered Visuals

    Powered by Generative AI, many known animation software such as Adobe Photoshop & After Effects, Kaiber AI, Steve.ai, etc., have introduced new AI features to transform creativity.


    These AI integrations include advanced features like automated visual creation, transitions, scene improvisations, and even prompt-based video editing.


    As a result, AI in animation is expected to bring in transformational changes – everything from generating stylized characters and smooth video transitions. This makes AI a much-anticipated trend in animation regarding how it will come out.

    3. Kinetic Typography

    Although kinetic typography has been around for a while now, it is still expected to stay mainstream in 2024 as well.


    The key reason is that it offers countless creative options in delicate transitions and striking movements.


    Major brands such as Google, Apple, Intel, etc., regularly leverage Kinetic typography in their animated commercials and product launch videos.

    4. Hyper-Realistic Animation

    Ever watched Disney movies and 3D-heavy game videos? 


    Well, these animated pieces are known to deploy hyper-realism where they generally showcase an exaggerated and near-to-life form of animation in their characters and objects.


    Also, hyperrealism designs are one of the most creative animation trends as they are integrated through textures, layerings, etc., to help make animated videos and movies look more real and appealing.

    5. Conversational Storytelling

    Multiple brands, including the big ones such as Apple, Asana, Coinbase, etc., are leveraging visual storytelling in their animated videos to counter low attention spans.


    Also known as interactive storytelling, this technique allows brands to strike a visual relationship between animation and the viewers, thus increasing relatability.


    But the most integral part of storytelling is the freedom to empower the audience to shape their narratives and opinions about the content displayed.

    6. Micro-Interactions in Animation

    Are you tired of watching those old-school transition effects and bars in videos? 

    Well, many brands are now switching to getting micro-interactions integrated to enhance personality and appeal into their videos.


    These could be cool sound effects, cursor trails, soft interactive sounds, or background music that pops up during motion graphic transitions. 


    For video production companies, these micro-interactions are a way to delight users and inject life into the video elements being displayed.

    7. Liquid Animation

    Realism is a sure-shot way of depicting objects, transitions, and character movements in animation. 


    And liquid animation or fluid animation is just another way of looking at hyperrealism. Liquid animation is showcasing or to be accurate, mimicking real-life fluidity or movement of liquids through animation.


    Broadly, liquid motion graphics can also be said to be a pro-version of 3D animation as it truly brings out the exact flow of objects that we normally experience in real-life settings.


    Now that could be water splashing from the fountain, magma, or even any sticky liquid substance used either in the background or foreground of the video.

    Why are Animations impactful in engaging Viewers and boosting Awareness?

    2d animation services

    For decades now, animated content pieces have been known to largely benefit both – Brands and Customers. 


    Well, for brands, animated videos help boost engagement, generate conversions, and enhance their visibility in the target market.


    And for customers, they aid their user education, onboarding, product & brand awareness needs, etc.


    So if you’re a brand owner or marketer, here are 4 key reasons why investing in animated videos can be a worthy investment:

    1. Affordability

    If you’ve ever felt that getting animation done is a costly affair, well that’s not true!


    The cost of animated videos is comparatively 2x cheaper than getting a Live video shot. 


    The reason is – These videos do not require high-end background production setup, casting, filming resources, technicalities, etc., making them affordable for animated video agencies to create.

    2. Versatility

    This goes without saying. It’s the most versatile art form you will ever come across, thanks to the countless animation styles available to choose from.


    Whether it’s a commercial or product announcement event, animations are the first choice of businesses. They can grab viewer attention quickly and also crisply convey the message.


    What’s even best? Animated videos are loved by marketers across industries such as FinTech, SaaS, Blockchain, AI, Healthcare, Data Science, etc.

    3. Brand Awareness

    brand storytelling

    It’s no secret that to create brand value, businesses need to create a lasting effect on the audience. Animated marketing videos are proven to build brands. 


    Considering their attention-grabbing ability, animations help create a unique and memorable identity that stands out.


    Moreover, animations carry better brand recall than any other form of video, thus highlighting how brands can integrate videos to reinforce branding.

    4. Creative Freedom

    Traditional video marketing or commercial techniques often come with a limited space for creativity. Thankfully, that’s not the case with animations. 


    Here, the sky’s the limit. With animation, there’s room for endless creativity. 


    Keeping in mind the creative requirements of brands, animators can produce stunning and audience-centric visuals that evoke emotion and encourage engagement.

    5 Creative Examples of Brands Leveraging Animation Trends

    These trends are indeed powerful enough to change the landscape of video production.


    Here are some businesses leveraging them to stay at the top:

    1. Headspace

    Headspace is a meditation application. To help viewers understand how the meditation app works, they created an explainer video.


    Headspace uses 2D animations to explain complex concepts in a simple form. Moreover, they used animated characters that attract users to stay till the end.


    Best part? The animated video is only a minute long, which shows the power of 2D animation in explaining things in a short period.

    2. Google: Google Drive

    Google Drive uses animations to explain its complex features in an easy-to-understand manner. Google used three-dimensional animation to explain how file sharing, organizing, and teamwork work inside Google Drive. 


    Users will find the video visually appealing and easy to understand because of the vivid Google color scheme. 


    In short, Google is a prime example of how animated product videos can effectively clarify complicated ideas by turning abstract notions into visually appealing material.

    3. Apple

    Apple uses animated promotional videos to convey its dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Apple revealed its audacious plan to make every device carbon-neutral by 2030 in a motion graphics video


    The tech-giant used a combination of live-action video, kinetic typography, and images to demonstrate its commitment to lowering its carbon footprint and preventing climate change. 


    Apple’s business ideals and future objectives are efficiently conveyed to viewers through the seamless combination of images and sound design.

    4. Dropbox

    Amidst the competitive cloud storage and collaboration tools market, Dropbox’s ongoing challenge was to increase its market share.


    To tackle this, Dropbox highlighted its cutting-edge features through an animated video.


    In this promotional video based on the explainer characters and motion graphic style, Dropbox engaged viewers with new animation techniques and futuristic imagery.


    The video highlights seamless teamwork and productivity enhancement.

    5. Microsoft

    Microsoft presents a visually appealing video that illustrates the obstacles people face in their daily lives. Moreover, it shows how the extensive features on the Microsoft suite app can help them get over these obstacles.


    The upbeat animation is complemented by lively background music, which creates an immersive experience that holds the audience’s attention throughout. 


    They skillfully communicate the value proposition of their unified productivity products while maintaining viewer engagement using quirky effects and a lively soundtrack.

    The Bottom Line

    I’m sure you must have a broader idea about the animation techniques that are going to dominate 2024 and probably, beyond.


    If executed strategically remembering the audience’s needs, can turn out to be highly engaging and results-friendly.


    We at MotionGility are constantly evolving our animated explainer videos to help our clients reach their target audience by putting their best creative foot forward.


    So if you’re a brand owner planning to leverage these trends and boost your product’s reach, contact our Animated Videos Expert today.

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