12 Effective Tips To Create Your Next Corporate Video In 2023

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    Let us guess. You’re probably planning to create a corporate video for your company or client.


    And you suddenly found yourself stuck in the loop of a creative block that’s stopping you from coming up with creative ideas and tips.


    If yes, you have landed at the correct location.


    The demand for corporate videos has never been so satisfying, thanks to the increasing workforce and business expansion by corporate giants.


    However, there are a few problems that companies encounter daily such as training their employees, running brand campaigns, facilitating smooth administration, educating target customers, etc.


    Indeed, this calls for an ultimate solution that not only eliminates such problems but also helps corporate leaders divert their focus to brand building and boosting revenues.


    Here, animated corporate videos play an instrumental role in addressing these issues.


    Before you begin to create or get your video created by an explainer video company, check out these tips and solidify your video production process.

    Need Help in Understanding How a Corporate Video Can Help You Boost Your Brand’s Growth?

    This is what you need to do to create an excellent video

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      1. Outline the purpose

      explainer videos can be repurposed on for all devices

      What is your video all about? To whom is it being directed? Is there any goal that you wish to achieve?


      How will the video benefit your user? 


      Answering these questions will help you come up with an excellent video. Consider this as a mandatory questionnaire that you’re filling out to professionalize your video.


      How does it help? Remember – Your entire message or communication and the CTA element will revolve around the purpose defined. 


      Many marketers tend to let go of this activity which results in a complex video thus produced. 


      Make sure you identify the agenda behind the production of your corporate video.

      Here are some examples for you to get the idea

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      2. Nail the script

      scripting motiongility

      Call it your Hero or the Flag Bearer, a script is everything that needs maximum attention.


      A crisp script will keep your entire story tied together and aligned with a common purpose. We are humans, and we have a shorter attention span.


      The need is to craft a compelling narrative that hooks your viewers till the end. 


      While coming up with such a script, it’s necessary to know your target user’s demographics and what elements drive their online behavior.


      Also, it’s advisable to use jargon-free vocabulary in your explainer videos so that it helps in establishing a rapid connection with your users.

      Want to know why having a solid script can help you go places?

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      3. Focus on your target group

      enhances communication with target users

      Before you sit down to create the video, make sure you have intensely familiarized yourself with your target audience. 


      But why is it important? See, if you are willing to occupy a space in the minds of your audience, first understand their universe.


      Your script should focus on providing solutions to their current and future problems. The motion graphics you plan to integrate should assist the characters in catering to their interests.


      If your video cares about your target audience, you can fairly expect them to spend their precious time and attention on your product or service.

      4. Infuse brand assets

      12 effective tips to create your next corporate video in 2023

      Brand assets such as the logo, typeface, fonts, colors, etc are your identity. It helps you stand out from your competitors. Your videos must contain these components.


      Look around and analyze: How many of your competitors are adequately utilizing their properties? 


      Well, this might be your chance to get across and position yourself in the minds of your users. Visual elements have the power to capture fragmented attention, and this is how you make yourself memorable.


      Before you start creating corporate videos for your company, try including all those brand identity elements that will build brand recall in your user’s minds.

      5. Add emotional touch

      stronger connection through emotional context

      A great video is made up of excellent storytelling that contains a realistic set of emotions. 


      Here when we talk about including an emotional touch, we mean adding a taste of emotional appeal that attracts the users into engaging with the video.


      Emotional touches may include heart-warming punchlines, graphics, pointers about necessary data, etc. 


      Almost every great video houses effective storytelling that moves the users. It’s worthy of inclusion as it helps in building a personal connection.

      6. Effective storyboarding

      12 effective tips to create your next corporate video in 2023

      Consider this as the blueprint. The storyboarding stage talks about when, how, where, and what your explainer video is before it is passed onto the production department.


      Being a relatively lengthy process to go through, a lot of you might argue: Is it necessary to produce a storyboard? 


      The answer – Yes, it is. This is because a storyboard helps you visualize your entire video in a snapshot. 


      Also, when you construct a storyboard, it helps you make sure that the entire script is being covered considering the keyframes, visual and audio effects, character stress, etc.

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      7. Show, don’t just inform

      You intend to showcase your product and talk about its features through the video.


      However, have you ever thought about how persuasive it would be to add a demo video or a user guide for your users?


      Look. We all love product demonstrations because they walk us through the product or service. Isn’t it identical to your target audience?


      Supporting your product or service’s flagship feature will surely catch their attention, but if you showcase it correctly, it will engage and keep them coming.

      8. Impactful voiceover

      12 effective tips to create your next corporate video in 2023

      If your video does not contain a voiceover narration, it is unlikely to fetch any positive response from your viewers.


      Voiceovers add life to corporate explainer videos as they are an essential part of them.


      The narration of the script that takes place in the video adds a human touch as it helps establish a real connection with your audience.


      The selection of the voiceover artist depends upon the tone, atmosphere, and expected outcome of your video’s script. And hiring a voiceover artist is a worthy investment:)

      9. Audio-visual effects

      commercial ad videos

      What’s an explainer video without some scintillating Visual and Sound Effects?


      By integrating these effects in the videos, you are helping your audience in remembering your content and product, ultimately. 


      When you combine background music with visual effects, it provides a charming touch to your characters as it draws the attention toward them of your audience.


      Also, motion graphics is another vital part of animation that is heavily stressed.

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      10. End with a strong CTA

      never underestimate the power of cta

      What’s the last thing you want your audience to do? Well, your CTA should be all about that. Concise & Direct. 


      Many creative professionals are always in a hurry of nailing the script thus forgetting to create compelling final action for their users.


      It should educate your users about the desired event or set of events they can expect by clicking that button.


      Also, the path to your CTA must be well laid out. It is similar to how UI designers create a smooth navigation path for their website visitors.


      A great Call-to-action will act like a cherry on the cake to your well-produced and animated video. 

      11. Professionalism

      professionalism video

      While creating an explainer video, maintaining professional standards in terms of the quality of the script, animation, and motion graphics is necessary.


      This is because, with your video, the brand values and the goals that govern the organization are attached for a common purpose.


      Utmost professionalism as we observe at workplaces, if felt in videos for corporates by your target audience, will boost the engagement rate. 


      It’s all about how your users feel after watching your video. 


      Do they feel connected or engaged? Or was it another addition to the list of average pieces of content available that are dumped regularly on the internet?


      The choice is yours. As much as initial impressions matter, your video must provide your users with the “vibe” they want to experience.

      12. Keep it short

      doesn’t take up too much time for the audience

      Explainer videos are short in length and hold less complexity. 


      Considering the short human attention span, making long videos may increase the bounce rate on your website.


      Talking to the point while not beating around the bush is a difficult task to achieve but not impossible. 


      The process of editing your video by trimming the less productive information for your audience is advisable. Eliminating the fluff must be on your checklist while producing such videos. 


      The idea here is to capture their attention and not let it go till the video ends. And if your video is crisp enough, you have their eyes on you.

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      After consuming so much information, we’re sure you must have got a clear idea about how to create a perfect corporate video.


      As an explainer video company working for leading brands and startups, here’s what we want to tell you:


      If you’re still not integrating videos into your marketing strategies, you are leaving money on the table! Videos can be your brand’s launchpad for success.

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