5 Product Explainer Video Benefits that Brands Can Leverage

5 Product Explainer Video Benefits that Brands Can Leverage

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Product Explainer Video Benefits

Launching a new-age product in today’s cut-throat marketing scenario can be intimidating for startup owners.


As a result, brands are now shifting to using effective marketing tools that help them make a good first impression and stand out from their competitors.


Amidst this competitive setup, product explainer video benefits are being leveraged by marketers where they are gaining decent ground and recognition as an effective marketing tool.


And the reason is quite simple – These videos carry captivating visuals that help break down complexities for the audience in simple words, all within 60 to 90 seconds.


Now all this brings us to check out a few benefits that product videos bring to the table…

Want a deeper understanding regarding product
videos help boost your marketing efforts?
Want a deeper understanding regarding product
videos help boost your marketing efforts?

Product Explainer Video Benefits: How they help improve Product Launches

1. Increased Engagement

For obvious reasons, animated videos have been proven to engage viewers 66% more compared to lengthy text-based product manuals or static images.


This is mainly because product videos are not just normal videos. Instead, they provide an appealing 360° view of the entire product through visual elements such as icons, characters, infographics, etc.


For viewers, this visual feast acts as a stopping point where these videos help emphasize the key selling points thus boosting chances of user engagement. 


This increased engagement automatically leads to higher retention rates thereby facilitating a greater understanding of your product in the minds of the target audience.

2. Improved Conversion Rates

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Moving forward with the product explainer video benefits, here’s an observation:


You would have often noticed the placement of product videos by successful product-based companies on their landing pages. 


There’s certainly a strategic relationship that can be found here.


You see – The very purpose of these videos is to provide users with a quick walkthrough/glimpse of the product within the shortest time possible.


This is mainly because – The quicker a potential customer understands your product, the chances of conversions directly increase as they now have a compelling reason to take action. 


What’s even better is that these videos are not just limited to landing pages. They can also be integrated into advertising campaigns and email marketing campaigns in the face of vmails

3. Increased Shareability & Virality

Product videos hold the capacity to go viral over social media and provide global reach to a brand’s marketing efforts.


Through demo videos, brands can leverage the power of internet platforms, capture the attention of their target audience, and attract them to watch and share their videos.


This enables the unlocking of peer-to-peer video’s shareability with like-minded individuals by the viewers.


Moreover, these videos can help your product become an instant hit in your target market if viewers find them appealing and valuable enough.

4. Stronger Brand Identity

Apart from improving conversions, engagement, and shareability, here’s another perk among the many product explainer video benefits.


Demo/Product walkthrough videos have been known as a perfect growth catalyst for a brand’s identity. 


For thousands of brands worldwide such as Hubspot, Spotify, Miro, Zoho, Figma, etc., they’ve worked exceptionally well in terms of establishing their image in the minds of the target audience.


Upon discovery, viewers are treated with an appealing video that acts as a digital representative of what the brand is all about. 


Here’s another insight: As an explainer video company, we’ve also created corporate videos for product-based brands to help strengthen their brand identity in the target market.


This highlights the importance of how explainer videos have made their way firmly as one of the top choices in the list of modern marketing tools preferred by brand owners.

5. Effective Communication

Well, this has to be one of the key benefits of using product videos


Backed by visual elements, these videos offer a crisper and jargon-free version of the complete product where the complexities are, thus making it easier for the final audience to comprehend.


This way, the core value proposition and central message of the brand’s product are communicated.


And this is what top startups and enterprises desire at large – Effective communication of the what, why, and how of their product in the most clear format available.

Looking forward to improving your product's reach in the target market using product demo videos?


Considering the above-listed product explainer video benefits, they can be nothing short of a strong marketing tool created for better product marketing results.


Since these videos have worked exceptionally well for top global brands in the likes of Hubspot, CRED, CoinDesk, Amazon, etc., there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work for your brand’s product as well.


To put it simply, a product video is your best companion if you’re a brand owner or marketer looking for an effective way to reach millions, gain conversions, and increase sales.


Get in touch with our product video marketing expert today over a Free 15-minute consultation and get things moved one step forward.

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